Travel and Tourism

Tourism in Burundi is beginning to be developped and Burundi is gearing to be a player in the international tourism market since the country has been trailing behind its neighbours. Burundi has now openned its doors to Tourism and Travel sector to foreign investors.

Burundi's hotel industry has grown from a total of 598 to 1,886 hotels in 2007 (UNDP report, 2010). And with Burundi  now member of the EAC, the government has recently allowed joint venture enterprises to invest in the tourism sector by offering incentives which can be accessed through the new investment promotion agency.

What Burundi is currently lacking is qualified personnel in all tourism-related sectors such as hotels and guest houses, tour agencies and tour guides as well as tourist attractions including museums, cultural and historical sites. Therefore if Burundi is to take the tourism and travel industry to the next level, the focus on qualified people and the development of the above sub-sectors are crucial indeed.

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