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Economic Development Institute - Burundi

Kinindo Avenue, Kigamba No. 16, Bujumbura

Economic Development Institute - Burundi The overall objective of the IDEC Burundi is to strengthen the capacity of economic and social policies through the conduct of studies for the account of services in charge burundi's national economy management and of other development partners. The econo ...

Telephone+257 22 21 31 29

Office Burundais des Recettes (OBR) - Burundi

Office Burundais des Recettes (OBR) in acronym is a semi-autonomous public revenue collection institution, created by Law No. 1 / 11 of July 14, 2009. The overall goal of establishing this institution is to reduce poverty through an improved public revenu ...

Service Charge des Entreprises Publique - SCEP Burundi

Avenue du 18 Septembre, Bujumbura

Service Charge des Entreprises Publique - SCEP Burundi SCEP (Service Charge des Entreprises Publiques) is a government agency under the ministry of Good Governance and State Inspection. SCEP is in charge of policies and good governance of public services and advise the government of Burundi on the management, ...

Telephone+257 22 223 189