University of Bujumbura - Burundi

Boulevard de l'UPRONA, Bujumbura
University of Bujumbura is the only public university in Burundi which had been established with an idea to provide a higher level of education to the masses. Its current enrollment is approximately 11 000. University of Bujumbura was established in 1964 and was the outcome of the merger of three institutes namely the Institute of Agriculture of Ruanda- Urundi, University Institute of Usumbura and the Faculty of Science of Usumbura. At first, the University of Bujumbura was controlled by the Catholic Church and was then in a very good condition, having well-developed infrastructure and facilities but the continuous civil wars in Burundi have gradually led to the deterioration of the institute. In 1965, the Bujumbura University opened a teacher’s training college, ENS (Teacher's school) for imparting training to the junior school staffs. Subsequently in 1972, ENA (National Advanced School for Administration) was set up for civil servants. Four non- university higher education institutions were set up in 1980 to train the technical staffs of the civil service and they finally merged with the University of Bujumbura in 1989. Currently, the University of Bujumbura offers a wide range of technical and non-technical programs for the students of Burundi. The institute focuses on providing the best quality education to students, thereby promoting the overall growth of education in Burundi.
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