Restaurants & Coffee Shops

Best Restaurants in Bujumbura: There are good restaurants and coffee shops options in Bujumbura including  Tanganyika Hotel Restaurant – overlooking Tanganyika close to the Port, Restaurant du Lac and Petanque (both on Avenue de la Plage).  Khana Khazana, Belvedere and Chez Andre are very famous dining places.

Other good restaurants include Botanika, Isango in Kinindo district, Le Divan – Quartier Zeimet, Le Bouteille d’Or, Le Cayor, Oasis Greek restaurant and pizza, Pont Muha, Tropicana and La Baguette Magique are dining places to go while in Bujumbura.


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Kasuku Restaurant - Bujumbura

Rue de l' Industrie, Bujumbura

Kasuku Restaurant - Bujumbura Kasuku restaurant in Bujumbura has a reputation of being one of the best restaurant in the city. The food is exceptional, the décor is fascinating and the service is professional. Kasuku has a hearty range of European dishes, including tender steaks with ...

Telephone22 243 575

Boulangerie-Pâtisserie Trianon - Bujumbura

Avenue du Commerce, Bujumbura

Boulangerie-Pâtisserie Trianon - Bujumbura Trianon is ideal place for breakfast in Bujumbura. It is well packed out for breakfast thanks to a great combination of fresh croissants, healthy omelettes and local coffee. The ham and cheese croissant washed down with a hot chocolate is a good way to st ...

Cercle Nautique - Bujumbura

Avenue de la Page, Tanganyika Area

Cercle Nautique - Bujumbura Is cercle Nautique the most famous spot in Bujumbura? Probably! Cercle nautique is very popular with expats and locals alike. Set on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, this is a great place to sip a cold beer and watch the sun go down. There is also a good re ...

Telephone22 222 056

Kiboko Grill Restaurant @ Ubuntu Residence - Bujumbura

Avenue de la Plage, Bujumbura

Kiboko Grill Restaurant @ Ubuntu Residence - Bujumbura Kiboko Grill is situated in one of the best spot in Bujumbura at shores of lake Tanganyika and has the best and biggest among other dining places and hotels in Bujumbura. The restaurant has very tasty food specially the pizzas and the burgers and the ambi ...

Telephone+256 22 244 065

Chez Andre Restaurant - Bujumbura

Chaussée Prince Rwagasore, Bujumbura

Chez Andre restaurant in Bujumbura is one of best restaurants in Bujumbura. It is located in a huge villa on Chaussée Prince Rwagasore. It serves tasty food with a flamboyant menu that wouldn't look out of place in Europe or America. They have also good s ...

Le Petit Suisse Restaurant - Bujumbura

Quartien Asiatique, Bujumbura

In Bujumbura, Le Petit Suisse Restaurant is located in the Quartier Asiatique, near Buja Day Spa and the Cameo Cinema. It is a lovely little restaurant with a nice decor and view to the main mosque. Their menu features tasty fish brochettes, probably the& ...

Le Petit Bruxelles Restaurant - Bujumbura

Boulevard de l'UPRONA, Bujumbura

Le petit Bruxelles Restaurant is mostly known for best burgers in Bujumbura. Try the garlic ones they're amazing. Le Petit Bruxelles is also a nice place to have some Belgian fries or a small snack. They have draught Amstel beer and can be quite crow ...

Chez Vaya Hotel Restaurant - Bujumbura

Chausse Prince Louis Rwagasore | Kiriri (near of Unity Monument)

Chez Vaya Hotel Restaurant - Bujumbura Chez vaya is a hotel with a panoramic view and a beautiful tropical garden. But it has a very good restaurant indeed. Cuisine at Chez Vaya is a mixture of the Mediterranean and local cuisine, professional service. Besides excellent location, the hospitali ...

Telephone+257 22 228 231

Bora Bora beach club - Bujumbura

Chaussee d'Uvira, Bujumbura

Bora Bora beach club - Bujumbura Bora Bora beach club is located right on the Tanganyika and is among the best place to relax and have a good food in Bujumbura. Upon entering Bora Bora, you are immediately struck by the view die for. You can enjoy the beach of Tanganiyika by swimming in ...

Khana Khazana Indian Restaurant - Bujumbura

2 Avenue de Juillet , Kiriri, Bujumbura

Khana Khazana Restaurant is #1 Indian Restaurant in Bujumbura. It has also sister restaurants in Kigali and Kampala. Some people would argue that Khana Khazana is the overall best restaurant in Bujumbura. It is located in Kiriri, off of Avenue de Belveder ...

Telephone+25778786786 (Mr Anis lakhani)

L'Archipel Restaurant - Bujumbura

Blvd de la Liberté, Town Centre, Bujumbura

L'Archipel Restaurant - Bujumbura Archipel is a local restaurant and it is popular with locals as it offers good value food in a lovely atmopshere. L'archipel is huge and partly set outdoors. At weekends, chairs and tables disappear and they bring in the DJs, crank up the music and it roc ...

Pasta Comedia (Ristorante Pizzeria Pasta Comedia) - Buj...

55 Av de la Plage, Bujumbura

Pasta Comedia (Ristorante Pizzeria Pasta Comedia) - Bujumbura Pasta Comedia is an italian restaurant in Bujumbura that serves great italian pasta dishes and pizzas. The quality of the pasta and the sauce are excellent but prices are set at high. Not many local can afford eating in Pasta Comedia restaurant. very auth ...

Telephone+257 78 28 54 81

Tandoor Indian Restaurant & Bar - Bujumbura

Avenue de la culture

Tandoor Indian Restaurant & Bar - Bujumbura Tandoor is an Indian restaurant located on Avenue de la culture. It serves good and authentic indian food that tends to be low on flavor and high on kitsch. The dal and the chicken korma are pretty flavorless, and not very spicy. The service is fairly fas ...

Tropicana Cyber Cafe and Restaurant - Bujumbura

Chaussée Prince Louis Rwagasore

Tropicana Cyber Cafe and Restaurant - Bujumbura Tropicana is an internet cafe and a Restaurant. They serves very delicious burgers and french fries with salads, omelettes, juices and coffee among others. This place is very stylish and new. Located on Chaussée Prince Louis Rwagasore.

Pont Muha Restaurant - Bujumbura

By river Muha - Bujumbura

Pont Muha Restaurant - Bujumbura Pont Muha Restaurant is located by the river Muha. To get there, continue Boulevard de la Liberte till you reach the river Muha. Best Burundian brochettes in town. If you are hungry take the brochette Hôtelière.