Havana Club - Bujumbura

Boulevard de l' UPRONA, Bujumbura
Havana Club is widely viewed as # 1 night club in Bujumbura and lives up to its ranking. It is arguably the most famous nightclub in Bujumbura and it is the place to be specially on Saturday nights since the crowds gather in l'Archipel on Friday. Havana club also organises occasionally concerts from local stars and international bands. Another famous event is the after-beach lady's night on Sunday evenings. The place is full from 6PM as the event is very popular with all type of people, young and adults. The music is mix of happy tunes: Tanzanian swahili hiphop, Congolese musics, R&B and some techno. There's a good but expensive restaurant next door, the Balneo, which doubles after midnight as a VIP bar. Entrance is expensive, unless you're a regular or if you happen to know someone already there.
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