Dining & Nightlife

Nightlife in Bujumbura involves eating out, theatres, cinemas and dancing. The French Culture Centre or Centre Culturel Français or CCF in French is the main venue in Bujumbura for entertainment.The CCF organizes events on a regular basis. But Keep in mind that most activities at CCT or other venues are in French language.

The nightclubs are numerous in Bujumbura downtown. During the week days, the most living place for music and dancing is at Havana and Calvados night clubs. At weekends, between 11:00 and midnight, diner tables disappear to make room for nightclubs at Archipel, Aosta and Liquids. Also the Gymnase Club organizes dancing evenings with a DJ a few times in any month.  Club Toxic is a popular nightclub for the city’s young at heart.

The main types of entertainment are concentrated in Bujumbura because of the proximity of Lake Tanganyika. During the day you can go swimming, sailing, canoeing, water skiing, weight training, field sports such as basketball, volleyball, golf or bowl game.  There is also an equestrian club and a casino.

For Dining, there are good restaurants and coffee shops options in Bujumbura including but not limited to Tanganyika Hotel Restaurant – overlooking Tanganyika close to the Port, Restaurant du Lac and Petanque (both on Avenue de la Plage), Khana Khazana and Chez Andre are very famous dining places.

Other good restaurants include Isango in Kinindo district, Le Divan – Quartier Zeimet, Cocodi Chaussée Prince Louis Rwagasore.  Botanika Small, Le Bouteille d’Or, Le Cayor, Oasis Greek restaurant and pizza, Pont Muha, Tropicana, La Baguette Magique and Belvedere are good restaurants.

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