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Alliance Media

Alliance Media is the leading pan-African outdoor and airport advertising, having the widest coverage on the continent, offering over 25,000 of the most targeted and visible billboard sites in Africa and has been doing business in Burundi since ...


Burundi Réalités International

Provides current news regarding Burundi and other countries in the region as well as analysis of political, economic and social issues on Burundi both in English and French.

Iwacu Magazine

Avenue de France n°6, Bujumbura

Iwacu Magazine Iwacu magazine is an online news portail that provide current news and political analysis as well as business opportunies for Burundi.

Telephone+257 22 25 89 57
Fax+257 79 991 474

Burundi Diaspora

Dysjalandsvegen 12C, 4360 Varhaug - Norway,

Burundi Diaspora is a media portail for Burundians living abroad. It reports balanced current news, analysis and opportunities on political, social and economy about Burundi. Also provides links to other media and burundian associations worldwide.

Fax+47 51793001

Burundi Bwacu Info

Burundi Bwacu Info Burundi Bwacu Info features general news, present and past ressources including images galleries and videos about Burundi. Also provides annotated links to other burundi related sites... in French. Burundi Bwacu also features the melody of National Anthem ...

Bujumbura News

Bujumbura News Bujumbura News in an online Magazine that publishes daily news on Burundi collected from various media. Its website also features live broadcast of radios and television networks from Burundi and Burundi related. French.