Butare / Huye Hotels

A comprehensive hotel guide for travells looking for cheap and affordable accommodation and hotels in Butare - Rwanda. There is a good selection of good and cheap hotels in Butare now known as Huye. All Butare hotels and guesthouses listings have photos gallereis , reviews and other features unable you to contact the owner for more details, prices and bookings.

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Hotel Ibis - Butare

PO Box . 103 BUTARE

Hotel Ibis - Butare   The Ibis Hotel is located in the downtown of Butare in the South-East of Rwanda. It is among the best hotels of the area and very appreciated by the people in Butare.Ibis Hotel started its business in 1942 and it is still offering great services to its ...

Telephone00 (250) 530 335

Shalom Guesthouse - Butare

PO Box 225 Huye, Butare

Shalom Guesthouse - Butare An afforbable 8-room guesthouse at the EAR Butare (Anglican Church) Centre, it is located just beyond the University Rectory, on the tarmac road to Burundi. All rooms are en-suite with flush toilets and hot showers. We don’t serve meals other than a simpl ...

Telephone+250 788352136 / 0758352136

Motel du Mont Huye

Southern Province, Po Box 684 Huye (Butare)

Motel du Mont Huye Motel du Mont Huye is the place to stay in Butare, Southern Province, one minute up the red-dirt road to the main street, and 5 minutes or less to the supermarket, taxi stands, or restaurants on main street. There is a very relaxed atmosphere with extrem ...

Telephone+250252530765/+ 250531044/ +250530278/ +250 252 530584/ +250 788 625123

Hotel Credo

Southern province, Akanyaru road, B.P 310 Huye district, Rwanda

Hotel Credo Hotel Credo is located in Huye district, southern province, Rwanda; near National Museum of Rwanda. The Hotel Credo's aim is to serve the needs and desires of their core customer base. It has many facilities such as TV, Telephone, swimming pool, restauran ...

Telephone+252 530505/530855/504176 Mobile: (+250) (0) 788 302216/ 504176/ 301824

Hotel Faucon

B.P 366 Huye, Rwanda

Hotel Faucon Faucon Hotel is believed to have been constructed in 1943, and it belonged to a Belgian called Faucon. The hotel was set ablaze and rehabilitated in 1962 and sold to local entrepreneurs. It is historical hotel thus is not only of value for its architectur ...

Telephone+250 252 500180/+250 252 53112/+ 250 252 532061/ (+250)(0) 788301227

Mater Boni Consilii Accommodation

57. Shalom House Butare, Huye District, Southern Province, Rwanda

Mater Boni Consilii Accommodation Mater Boni Consilii Accommodation is located at 700 m from Huye bus and 1.5 km from the city center and is perfectly fine. Its accommodation is ideal for long term staying guests. The restaurant is fine, the food is good and the meals are value for money ...

Telephone+ 250 252 531329/531038, Restaurant:+250 252 531329/+ 250783777626, Management: 0788283903

Barthos Hotel

Rue du Kigali, Butare, Rwanda

Barthos Hotel This is one Fine Family Hotel, Located in the Heart of Huye (Butare) Rwanda. Barthos hotel is the perfect hotel for those visiting the rolling hills of Rwanda. Since its new everything is clean and more likely unused. Barthos Hotel looks as a center an ...