Hospitals and Clinics

A comprehensive list of hospitals and private clinics in Rwanda. Please note the following list contains mainly the best hospitals and clinics in Rwanda and as general rule hospitals and clinics that offer excellent services are privately owned. However the best hospital in Rwanda is co-state owned and is located in Kigali Rwanda. Its known as King Faisal Hospital. This hospital provides 24-hour assistance with physicians and nurses on duty in their emergency room. It has surgical facilities, digital x-ray, CT, EKO, fluoroscopy machines and adult and neonatal intensive care units. It has a computerized laboratory, specialist-run radiology department and a 24-hour pharmacy. Specialists can provide dialysis, neurosurgery, oncology, urology, endocrinology, anesthesia, and chemotherapy. Though King Faisal Hospital is investing heavily in new equipment, as a general rule, hospitals, laboratories and x-ray facilities in Kigali are not as modern or as well-equipped as those in the United States or Europe. It is for these reasons that serious surgical cases are usually medically evacuated from Kigali to Nairobi or Pretoria. MRIs are normally done in Nairobi. For Medical Evacuations, Touristic helicopters can be rented from Akagera Aviation. They are currently developing medevac capabilities. Akagera has offices at Kigali International Airport Tel. 0788308382 or 0788307507 Africa Air Rescue (AAR) has also good helicopters. It is located at in MTN Center. Medical Coordinator (Jason) 078830 8033, Marketing Officer (Lydia) 078830 4477; 24 Hour contact 27(0)115411100

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Kibogora Hospital - Cyangugu

The Kibogora Initiative, 31 Jepps Avenue, Preston, UK

Kibogora Hospital - Cyangugu Kibogora Hospital was initiated by UK based charity, Kibogora Initiative. The hospital is a rural hospital of 269 beds, located outside Cyangugu in southwest Rwanda on the shores of Lake Kivu. It serves a population of a pproximately 250,000 people. Kibog ...

Gahini Hospital - Kayonza

Lake Muhazi, Muhanga District

Gahini Hospital - Kayonza Built on Lake Muhazi, Gahini hospital was established and is maintained by the Church Missionary Society ( Anglican Church). It is one of the largest in the Eastern Province with facilities including maternity, orthopaedic surgery, HIV treatment, a rehabi ...

Rwinkwavu Hospital - Kayonza

Rwinkwavu, Kayonza District, near Akagera Game Park

Rwinkwavu Hospital - Kayonza Rwinkwavu Hospital is located near Akagera Park and was a joint effort between Partners in Health (PIH) and the Rwandan Ministry of Health. Many people refer to it as the "Clinton Hospital" as the Clinton Foundation has provided some funding. Key Docto ...

National University Teaching Hospital - Huye


National University Teaching Hospital - Huye The UTHB, University Teaching Hospital of Butare is located at Mamba, District of HUYE in the Southern Province of Rwanda. It is a National Reference Hospital which serves the former Provinces of Butare, Gikongoro and Cyangugu. Key People: Dr Andre Musem ...


Butaro Hospital - Burera


Butaro Hospital - Burera Butaro Hospital is a new and modern 150 bed hopital inaugurated in January 2011 in Northern Province. It was a joint effort between pertners in Health (PIH), Rwandan Ministry of Health and the Clinton Foundation. In addition to the four basic services (ma ...

University Teaching Hospital (CHUK)

1024, rue de la Paix, P.O. Box 655

University Teaching Hospital (CHUK) The University teaching hospital of Kigali is located in the Centre of Kigali city (District of Nyarugenge). It is the main public health institution in the country. It was built in 1918, from when it served as health center. In 1965 becoming the hospital ...

Telephone250 252 575 555
Fax250 252 576 638

Shyira Hospital - Nyabihu

Shyira Hospital - Nyabihu Shyira Hospital is built on mountain overlooking Vunga town and other surrounding areas. The hospital is outside Ruhengeri town (about 1hr drive) but It is almost impossible to reach the hospital by public transport. One needs to climb a mountain from Vun ...