Rwanda Development Bank (BRD)

Boulevard de la Revolution, Kigali
(+250)-252-573558 / 575079 / 575080
Rwanda Development Bank (BRD as its known in French locally) is the the Government of Rwanda's investment arm and the leader of productive investment aiming to become the most profitable Bank at the service of poverty reduction in Rwanda. Its main mission is to finance the nation’s development objectives with a focus on the priority sectors of the county's economy. To be successful the BRD is committed to employ, high skilled staff , motivated with respect to the professional ethics; the quality of the service provided by BRD has to go beyond the customers’ expectations; the Bank has to set up clear and measurable objectives in term of the portfolio quality and growth as well profitability of all its operations and the bank has to be innovative and dynamic, in order to provide good financing tools or products , and financing conditions to the customers.
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