Access Bank Rwanda

Access Bank Rwanda is one of the commercial banks licensed by the National Bank of Rwanda, the national banking regulator. The bank is a medium-sized financial institution offering loans, checking, Savings, Investments, and debit cards. According to its web site, it is the fourth (4th) largest commercial bank in the country, based on assets. The bank was first established in Rwanda in 1995, as Bancor SA, by a Ugandan investor. In 2000, after fourteen years of continuous successful banking operations, it was sold to Tribert Rujugiro, a Rwandese entrepreneur. In 2001, the bank was restructured and other investors of South African nationality were brought on board as part-owners. In August 2008, Access Bank Group, the Nigerian financial services provider took a 75% ownership in Bancor SA. In January 2009, the bank re-branded to Access Bank Rwanda.
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