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11 Avenue Bigogwe-Kiyovu
Gasarabwe & Associates was founded in 1996 by Ms Claudine Gasarabwe. It has continued to grow in size and business, and is now one of the Leading Law Firms in Rwanda. Gasarabwe & Associates has a team of five committed Advocates: The firm is also in process to expand in order to accommodate more Lawyers and supporting staff. The firm is able to advise and provide a wide range of legal services including oral or written advice, drafting, effective assistance, administrative representation, negotiation and pleadings. These services can be provided in the following areas : Arbitration & Litigation, Banking and Finance, Corporate, Energy and Mining, Intellectual, Property, Labor & Employment Law, Media Law, Real estate and, Property Law, Tax Law, Telecommunications •Corporate: The Firm offers a full range of Corporate law services. It advises on Company Law, Procurement Law, corporate governance, joint ventures, Debts recovery and insolvency. It also advises on structuring and incorporation of corporate entities and can handle the Company Secretarial services. •Tax Law: advice, drafting of documents, negotiation, representation in litigation before tax administration and all Courts of Justice. •Labor & Employment Law: The Firm can advise, draft employment contracts and other documents (warning, dismissal, termination letters, …). It can also represent the Client in litigation before all Courts of Justice. •Arbitration & Litigation: The Firm advise on commercial arbitration litigation issues and can represent Clients before Arbitration Tribunals. Two members of the team are able to hold Arbiter positions. •Telecommunications: Having worked with a top position Telecommunication Company for ten years, the Firm is able to advise various investors in financing and acquisitions in the telecommunication industry. It can also help in dealing with Regulatory Authorities. •Banking and Finance: The Firm has worked with two leading Banks and can advise on all areas of banking and finance Law including regulatory advice documentary credits, secured and unsecured lending. It can also represent the Client in litigation before all Courts of Justice. •Media Law: Advice, representation in dealing with regulatory bodies and defense of clients before Administrative entities and before Courts of justice. •Intellectual Property: The firm handles all aspects of Intellectual Property : advice, application for IP rights (patents, trademarks, copyrights, opposition) , dealing with IP litigation. •Real estate and Property Law: All forms of registrations, Real estate acquisition, joint ventures, property development and financing. •Energy and Mining: The Firm has advised many companies in these fields. It can advise in Energy & mining concession acquisition.
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