Travel and Tourism in North Kivu

The main and unique attraction in North Kivu province, Democratic Republic of Congo is Virunga National Park. The park is known for its exceptional (bio)diversity, containing more bird, mammal and reptile species than any protected area on the African continent. Although mountain gorillas are now extremely rare and listed as one of the most critically endangered species, successful conservation work has helped to secure the remaining populations. Both savanna and forest elephants as well as chimpanzees and low land gorillas can still be found in Virunga, along with Okapi, giraffes, buffaloes and many endemic birds. The neighbouring Mount Hoyo area was managed with the park and is home to a population of Bambuti Pygmy people, caves and waterfalls, but since the civil wars, the park has suffered somewhat. Another attraction within the virunga National park is Nyiragongo vocano.

The Nyiragongo Volcano has a two-kilometer wide crater, which has two distinct lava benches. The most amazing thing about it is its lava lake. Many explorers brave the 6-hour climb for the fulfillment of seeing the huge lake, which shines brightly at night.

While you are in it, you can take a visit to the gorilla sanctuary situated in the mountains of Virunga, in the Mikeno Sector. Mountain gorillas are definitely worth the money and effort to climb. If you want a taste of city-life, meanwhile, taking a tour to nearby Goma is advisable. Goma, in North Kivu, is one of the safest places to explore in Congo.

It is also a good entrypoint towards the Nyiragongo Volcano. If you have any more time left after traversing the Virunga National Park, taking a side trip to Goma will make your travel even more worthwhile. Cost Traveling to Nyiragongo Volcano comes with a number of expenses. There’s transport fee to Virunga National Park. The safest way, they say, is via Goma. You need to fly to Goma if you are coming from any other Congo town or any other African country for that matter. There are also buses and boaat rides available, depending on your needs and requirements. Then, there’s accommodation fee. Hotels charge a fee between $90-$150 on the average. That is not much but will surely add up to your expenses. Then there’s the amount needed to obtain a permit to climb the volcano. At the moment, the permit costs around $200. That includes an option to stay for the night, sleep the summit, and be able to enjoy the huge lava lake at its brightest

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