Axum Hotels

A comprehensive hotel guide for travellers looking for cheap and afforbable accommodation in Aksum or Axum - Ethiopia. There is a good selection of good and cheap hotels in Aksum or Axum. All Axum Hotels and guesthouses listings have photos galleries, reviews and features unable you to contact the hotel owner for more details, prices or bookings.

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Exodus Hotel

Axum, Ethiopia

Exodus Hotel The Exodus Hotel is located on the main airport road in Axum. The front desk is open 24-hours a day. Each room has a private bathroom, telephone, and housekeeping services. Two on site restaurants serve both European and Ethiopian food.

Yeha Hotel - Axum

Axum, Ethiopia

Yeha Hotel - Axum Yeha Hotel in Axum has a few modern conveniences, such as telephone, fax and satellite television service in each guest room. Both suites and twin rooms have private bathrooms. A restaurant is on site. The Yeha Hotel is known for providing good hospitalit ...