Restaurants and Coffee Shops

Restaurants and cafes in Addis Ababa: #1 Kaldi's, #2 Lime Tree, #3 Jewel of India. Dining in Addis Ababa is a truly a wonderful experience as Addis ababa offers a colorful local cuisine but also boasts a good number of restaurants with continental cuisine that would please discerning diners. Due to the diplomatic nature of the city and Ethiopian history, there are all type of restaurants in Addis Ababa: Indian, chinese, Italian, thai and more. We have listed the best restaurants and cafes in Addis Ababa here below.


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Yod Abyssinia Traditional Food - Addis Ababa

Desalegn Hotel

Yod Abyssinia Traditional Food - Addis Ababa YOD Abyssinia is a Traditional Restaurant, established in 2003 and is one of the pioneering and most reputable traditional restaurants in Addis Ababa. YOD means witness or 'speak out’ in the Gurage ethnic group where the owner, Ato Tizazu Kore, is origina ...

Serenade Restaurant - Addis Ababa

Tewodros Street, Addis Ababa

Serenade Restaurant - Addis Ababa This exclusive Restaurant that serves some of the most memorable meals in Addis Ababa. Set in a converted house, the atmosphere is very private and exclusive. With an extensive wine list and an eye-popping dessert selection, the entres have a lot of compe ...

Blue Tops Restaurant - Addis Ababa

King George VI St Piazza, Opposite the National Museum

Blue Tops Restaurant - Addis Ababa Blue Tops is a first class Italian Restaurant contained within a privacy minded garden. The staff are professional, the food is divine and the atmosphere is great. They have 3 tables outside that I highly recommend sitting at. When you sit down they bring ...

Fasika National Restaurant - Addis Ababa

Bole Road

Fasika National Restaurant - Addis Ababa Fasika Restaurant is one of the popular destinations to experience traditional Ethiopian evening entertainment in Addis Ababa. Dancing, music and performance accompany a traditional meal of wat and injera. This is also an ideal place to explore dishes suc ...

Cloud 9 Restaurant & Cafe - Addis Ababa

Bole Road, Getu Commercial Centre

Cloud 9 Restaurant Cafe is good restaurant and cafe on the 5th floor of Getu Commercial Centre on Bole road. The view of Addis Ababa from Cloud 9 is fantastic specially late in the evening. They do serve local food injera but have a buffet for continental ...

Telephone+251 115 548 033

Dashen Traditional Restaurant - Addis Ababa

Churchill Avenue, Addis Ababa

Dashen Traditional Restaurant - Addis Ababa Dashen Restaurant is one of the few traditional restaurants in Addis Ababa best known for introducing ethiopian food to foreign visitors in style. Dashen restaurant is located behind the main post office building on Churchill Avenue and serves ethiopian ...

Habesha Restaurant - Addis Ababa

Bole Road, Addis Ababa

Habesha Restaurant - Addis Ababa Habesha Restaurant is located on Bole Road near Wollo Sefer junction in a candlelit tukul – which is a traditional hut with low wooden tables. The waitresses are pretty girls dressed in white cotton dresses and they approach you with a silver tray and a p ...

Agelgil Restaurant - Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa

Agelgil Restaurant - Addis Ababa Agelgil is another good traditional restaurant is Addis Ababa. Agelgil offers entertainment while you eat in the form of dances. Two men and two women adorned in traditional regalia dance in well choreographed dances. The meal ends with a coffee drinking ...

Sangam Restaurant - Addis Ababa

Africa Avenue, Gabon Street, Addis Ababa

Sangam Restaurant - Addis Ababa Sangam Restaurant is the place to go forThe best place to go for Indian food in Addis Ababa, the Sangam has a solid reputation. Whether you are looking for comfort korma with naan or something new and adventurous, Sangam will offer the best in service and ...

Telephone+251 115 516 579

Fisherman Restaurant - Addis Ababa

Mickey Leland Street near Atlas Hotel, Addis Ababa

Fisherman Restaurant in Adiis Ababa is situated on Mickey Leland Street near Atlas Hotel. It is a half-Chinese, half-Tibetan restaurant serving an excellent range of asian cuisine and specializing in seafood.

Ristorante Castellis - Addis Ababa


Ristorante Castellis  - Addis Ababa Castellis Restaurant is the oldest and best Italian restaurant in Addis Ababa and was featured on CNN inside Africa in 2009 as being the best Italian Restaurant In Africa. It was established by Carlo Castelli in 1948, shortly after the collapse of Italian ...

Shaheen Indian Restaurant @ Sheraton Hotel - Addis Abab...

Taitu Street · Po Box 6002

Shaheen Indian Restaurant @ Sheraton Hotel - Addis Ababa Shaheen Indian Restaurant is located in the Sheraton hotel and is mostly frequented by Sheraton hotel guests but by also a small number of Addis Ababa's population. Being in a luxury hotel, Shaheen restaurant offer a cozy atmosphere and a charming decor. ...

Telephone+251 115 171 717

Tomoca Coffee - Addis Ababa


Tomoca Coffee - Addis Ababa Tomoca Coffee shop is an old Italian Piazza café, where beans are roasted on-site. Tomoca coffee is very popular with tourists where are after enjoying delicious coffee in Ethiopia, they buy souvenirs for themselves and for friends to take back home. Tom ...


La Mandoline cafe and Restaurant - Addis Ababa

behind MedhaneAlem church next to Former Swiss Cafe

La Mandoline cafe and Restaurant  - Addis Ababa La Mandoline Café & Restaurant is a french Cafe located next to Medhanialem Church. It is a good place to go for a selection of French and broadly European cuisine, without the extreme high prices of Addis' other European restaurants. The menu boasts tagl ...

Raizel Café - Addis Ababa

Hailesilase St | Piazza, Addis Ababa

Raizel Café - Addis Ababa This slick modern café speedily serves tasty cheese burgers, tuna melts, French fries and breakfast omelettes. It is a lovely cafe with a good decor. The furniture is made of polished glass and aluminum. Faux pillars lined the walls and an upper gallery h ...

Sishu Cafe - Addis Ababa

Near National Theatre, Addis Ababa

Sishu Cafe - Addis Ababa Sishu is a fine cafe near the National theatre in Addis Ababa. It offers wonderful burgers, nice flavoured milk and fantastic tarts – a real relief for those desperate for a rest from injera. It also contains expansive play areas for children. The layout ...