Ruhengeri (Musanze) Hotels

A comprehensive hotel guide for travellers looking for cheap and affordable accommodation and hotels in Ruhengeri and all Musanze district - Rwanda. There is a good selection of good and cheap hotels in Ruhengeri and Musanze - Rwanda. All Ruhengeri hotels and guesthouses listings have photos galleries, reviews and features unable you to contact the hotel owner for more details, prices or bookings.

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La Palme Hotel Musanze - Ruhengeri

Ruhengeri Town, Musanze District, Rwanda

La Palme Hotel Musanze - Ruhengeri La Palme hotel is located only 10 km away from the famous Volcanoes National Park and half an hour drive to Burera and Ruhondo Lakes. This is ideal stay in musanze before trekking the mountain gorillas in Rwanda.Access to gorilla trekking begins in o ...

Silverback Lodge - Ruhengeri

Sabyinyo Volcano, Ruhengeri, Rwanda

Silverback Lodge - Ruhengeri The Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge is a new luxury lodge that has been built right on the edge of the Volcanoes National Park at Ruhengeri.It's excellently located for gorilla trekking and other activities in the park, only ten minutes drive from the Park Head ...

Hotel Muhabura - Ruhengeri

Ruhengeri Town, Musanze, Rwanda

Hotel Muhabura - Ruhengeri Hotel Muhabura offers an ideal climate for any tourist. It’s found in the center of the town closest to the Volcanos National Park; an undoubtfully convenient base from where you can easily track gorillas. Location:Hotel Muhabura is located in Ruhengeri ...

Gorilla's Nest Hotel - Kinigi

Kinigi, Musanze, Rwanda

Gorilla's Nest Hotel - Kinigi Gorilla Nest is situated in Kinigi at the base of the Virunga Mountains. The lodge is located 2km west of the Kinigi Park Headquarters in a lovely rural setting. There is no electricity in Kinigi so the lodge operates a generator.There is a spacious resta ...

Ishema Hotel - Ruhengeri

Ishema Hotel - Ruhengeri Ishema hotel offers two comfortable options of accommodations for our guests.Grace House is a traditionally styled Rwandan guesthouse. Guests enjoy their own outdoor lounge, facing into the garden courtyard that all rooms surround.Peace House is Ishe ...

La Brise Tourist Lodge - Musanze

BP 45 Ruhengeri, Musanze

La Brise Tourist Lodge - Musanze La Brise Tourist Lodge is located in Musanze District right on the road Kigali - Gisenyi, a few minutes drive from Ruhengeri Town. It is by far the cheapest budget hotel for travellers to Musanze for gorilla trekking. A single room cost $40 dollars while ...


Home Inn

Mikeno Streeet, Ruhengeri, Northern Province, Musanze district, close to HELPAGE (NGO for economic development programs); Po Box 117 Musanze- Rwanda

Home Inn Home Inn hotel a a budget guethouse for business or leisure. Our vistors are greeted by the same comforts as you would expect to find in your own home. With our comfortable luxury rooms with free in-room broadband internet access and warm water in modern ...

Telephone(+250) 252 54 63 33/ (+250) 252 54 61 11; Mobil: (+250) 788 34 31 27

Amahoro Guest House

Amahoro Guest House is located in Musanze town just 20 meters from the main road turn off at the Silverback Hotel or the Rwanda Commercial Bank. Po Box 87, Ruhengeri, Rwanda

Amahoro Guest House Amahoro Guest House has many facilities such us the guests can cook by themselves, if they want to make their own special meals; a small library shelf is available for guests; to the public transport means you can call our guesthouse and you will be picke ...

Telephone(+250) 78 44 24 866 (office)/ (+250) 788 594 521 (Mobile)

Virunga Hotel

P.O.BOX: 121 Musanze - Rwanda

Virunga Hotel Virunga Hotel is located in the Northern Province of Rwanda, in Musanze District, 85km from Kigali and 25km from the Ugandan border, it is the first hotel of the VIRUNGA HOTELS CHAIN. The Hotel is only about 15 Minutes drive from the Volcanoes National P ...

Telephone+250788301462 / +250788346391

Kinigi Guest house

Kinigi, Ruhengeri, Rwanda

Kinigi Guest house The Guest House locally known as “Village Touristique de Kinigi” is situated in Eastern North of Rwanda, in Kinigi district, only 11 Km from Ruhengeri City. It is the comfy gateway to the majestic beauty of the volcanic mountain range, the natural habitat ...

Telephone+250 (0) 788 515 146/ 0 788 533 606

Gorilla Volcano Hotel

P.O. Box 94, Musanze, Ruhengeri, Rwanda

Gorilla Volcano Hotel The Gorilla Volcano Hotel is a new modern hotel with a unique character and pleasant ambience. It is centrally located in Musanze with private parking and on the road to Kinigi (The gateway to Volcanoes Park). An impressive bar is attached with ‘‘the Uru ...

Telephone+250 252 54 67 00/ +250 252 54 67 01/ +250 788 42 56 53 (Mobile
Fax+250 252 54 67 51