Best Places To Go in Addis Ababa

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Best Places To Go in Addis Ababa
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The highlight of any ethiopia tours is no doubt the Addis Ababa Nightlife. We look at the best places to go in Addis Ababa for an enjoyable trip to Ethiopia.

Checking out the City:

Festival at Meskal squareAddis Ababa is Ethiopia's capital and is home of the several panafrican institutions and Ethiopian businesses and companies. Addis Ababa may not be as tidy as Cape Town or Kigali but it has views and historical landmarks you would not find anywhere. Walking along the street starting from Meskel Square to Sidest Kilo is very comfortable and entertaining. It will give you the chance to see the Africa Hall, the palaces and the Parliament building, the Hilton Hotel, the marvellous architectural adventure of a building hosting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Sheraton Hotel, the first modern school (which Menelik the II built in the 1880s), the Trinity Orthodox cathedral, the National Museum, and the Addis Ababa University (which also hosts a former palace and museum).  Arat Kilo Avenue is marked by a statue built in commemoration of the Ethiopian V-day during the Second World War, while Sidest Kilo Avenue is marked by a statue commemorating the ~39,000 residents of Addis Ababa killed by Italian fascist troops.

Around Arat Kilo, you will find part of an old town known as Serategna Sefer (literally, the residential area of labourers). If you want to proceed past Sidest Kilo, the road becomes steeper and much of the attractions will be on the right side of the road. The Entoto college (previously Teferi Mekonnen School) and the American Embassy are found on this side of the street. After the American Embassy there is an open market called Shiro Meda where traditional craftsmen sell their home made fabrics, pots and other crafts. The market place is at the foot of the Entoto Mountains that rises up to 3,300 m (10,827 ft) above sea level. You can take a taxi or a bus to the mountain unless you are of a mind to try it yourself. On the mountain, you will find the first churches of Addis Ababa called St. Mary and St. Raguel as well as smaller palace of Menelik the II.

Walking on the mountain, especially between the churches is refreshing and gives you the chance to see rural life, the city itself, forest and unbelievably beautiful landscape intersected by farmlands and trails of farmers. It is from here that Menelik II and Queen Taitu conceived of the establishment Addis Ababa. You can get a sense of the city plan yourself by looking from here at the current city. Addis is beautiful!