Rwandan cuisine

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Rwandan cuisine recipes are unique and simple. Rwandan food is neither spicy nor hot. People eat simple meals made with locally grown ingredients. The Rwandan diet consists mainly of sweet potatoes, beans, corn, peas, millet and fruit. A traditional breakfast consists of sweet potatoes and porridge, which is a mixture of sorghum, corn and millet, mixed with milk. In urban areas such as Kigali, people usually have bread and tea for breakfast. Rwandans add lots of milk and sugar to their tea.


Lunch and dinner may consist of boiled beans, bananas, sweet potatoes or cassava. Umutsima (a dish of cassava and corn), isombe (cassava leaves with eggplant and spinach) and mizuzu (fried plantains) are common dishes. Dinner is the heaviest meal. Between meals, Rwandans often snack on fruits. Tropical fruits such as avocados, bananas, mangos and papaya are abundant in Rwanda. Roadside vendors in urban areas sell roasted corn and barbecued meat. Many Rwandan men enjoy drinking beer, but women rarely drink alcohol in any form.


Although Rwanda has a large commercial brewery, many people make their own beer and alcoholic beverages, using sorghum, corn or fermented plantains. Ikigage is a locally brewed alcoholic drink made from dry sorghum and urwarwa is brewed from plantains. Traditionally, people drink beer through straws from a single large container.


Best Traditionnal  food Restaurants in Kigali:


Karibu Restaurant: 


It is located in the heart of the city centre right on "Boulevard de la paix" road, near the Belgian private school known as Ecole Belge.

Despite its central location and increasingly touristy clientele, Karibu maintains their low prices (soda and water for Rwf 500; goat brochette for Rwf 700) and have  attentive and professional staff, which i beleive gives Karibu an edge over its rivals. With plenty of outdoor seating – Karibu is a wonderful place to enjoy a sunny lunch or an afternoon drink in the shade.


The buffet at karibu is set at RWF 2500  drinks not included.  You can have as many servings as you want. This place is very friendly and familiar with tourists eager to taste african food, and possibly the best rwandan restaurant in Kigali.  As one frequent client has put it : " Karibu has to be one of the best places in town by a mile. The salad and vegetables  are worth every penny ."


If you dont feel like having a buffet , you can chose from a  Rwandan menu made of  of brochettes (goat, beef, fish, and liver/kidney), or pizzas and hamburgers.


African Bite Restaurant:


Africa Bite is on the same road as the Flamingo Chinese Restaurant in Kimihurura. The road is a turning on the left as you travel down the hill from Sundowners to Papyrus. African Bite is famous for its buffet made of Motoke, sweet potatoes, ugali, and rice  with a good selection of vegetables at RFW 3 000 including a fresh juice. The meat is well cooked and tasty.

Compared to Karibu, I would recommend Karibu for more food selection specially vegetables and on low prices and African Bite is recommended for wide african related menu.


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