Nyiragongo Volcano and Congo Gorilla Tours

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Climbing Nyiragongo volcano: Democratic Republic of Congo

Nyiragongo lava lake at night The hiking of this two-mile-high volcanoe starts at Kibati about 20 km (12 miles) north of Goma. The trek to the top takes approximately five hours and involves walking through lush forest and lava fields with a steep incline near the top. Climbing Nyiragongo volcano is not a piece of cake and climbers need to be fit. Having been on top of Nyiragongo, it is not easy, even impossible to describe in words the beauty of the lava lake and how stunning are views at night. You just feel like looking into a magical artwork. One just sees some areas of red spider web looking designs and other places where lava would pop, splatter and explode. Smoke that was tinted red from the volcano glow rose from several places.  Specially at night you can also feel a slight heat off the lava lake. At times, the red designs would shift around and change into new shapes. It is like cloud gazing where you can see different designs from the red cracks that you make into imaginary shapes like animals or people.

Congo Gorilla Trekking Tours: Democratic Republic of Congo

DR Congo is one of the upcoming Gorilla safari destinations in Africa. It's a home to big gorilla groups in Virunga National Park, only 10 minutes from Gisenyi Rwanda, 3hrs from Kigali (Rwanda) and about 8-10hrs from kampala (Uganda). Also Kisoro town in south western Uganda offers a wide variety of accommodation ranging from budget to deluxe. Gisenyi town in Rwanda however is a strategic place to stay for overnight before tracking gorillas in Congo. Located right on the edge of border with the congo, Gisenyi offers affordable accommodation and luxury hotels with stunning views over lake Kivu. Although in the past Congo was a dangerous place to go for mountain gorilla trekking on account of unstable political situations, for the past 5 years, it has been a safe haven just like the other two nations of Uganda and Rwanda that are a real treat to tourists.

Itinerary samples with Gisenyi town as base:


Day1: Set off from Gisenyi hotel at 8.00,  cross the border to Congo with Uzaze Travel guide then at 10 am start  hiking arriving at the top around 4pm. Admire the lava lake all the evening; Overnight in tents.

Day2. Walk back down from the volcano and transfer to Gisenyi Rwanda.

**The price Includes: Climbing fees, transport, porter, tents and sleeping bag.

**Not Included: Visa to Congo, flight, travel insurance, meals and drinks.

Inquire about Nyiragongo Climbing by emailing info@uzaze.com



This 3 day gorilla mountain gorilla tracking and hike of Nyiragongo will also start from Gisenyi in Rwanda, and return to Gisenyi on the third day.

Day 1: Gorilla tracking.

Set off  early in the morning from one of gisenyi hotels and cross over to DR Congo up to the Virunga national park station for briefing. After the briefing, you proceed for the memorable adventure of gorilla tracking. This rather strenuous but lifetime adventure will take you through thick and muddy environment, and may take you 3 to 6 hours to locate the amazing apes, depending on their movements. After a maximum period of one hour with the Gorillas, you descend to the headquarters where the driver will transfer you to Goma for Dinner and overnight.

Day 2: Nyiragongo Volcano Hiking.

After your breakfast, you will leave the hotel and may do some shopping in the supermarket before before being transferred to Kibati Village where the hike starts. This will take you 5-8hours, with enroute view of some animals and birds along the trail. Admire the lava lake all evening, before retiring in the tents on the rim of the giant crater high above the active lake. The climb up to and down from Nyiragongo is strenuous and often in hot conditions, but the path is relatively easy and not excessively steep.

Day3. Transfer to Gisenyi.

After your picnic breakfast at the top of the volcano, walk back down to kibati village, which may take you 4-5 hours. Your driver will then transfer you back to Gisenyi in Rwanda.

**The price Includes: Climbing fees, Gorillas permit, transport, porter, tents and sleeping bag.

**Not Included: Visa to Congo, flight, travel insurance, meals and drinks.

Inquire about Nyiragongo Volcanoe hiking and Congo gorilla tours by emailing info@uzaze.com




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