Rock of Kamegeri

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Kamegeri was a leader under the reign of Mibambwe Sekarongoro Mutabazi who was burnt on that rock after he had asked that criminals be thrown on that rock after it was made red-hot.

Since then that rock cliff was attributed to him to become the Rock of Kamegeri, which is situated at Ruhango
The rock had always existed without a name but later got the name when a man by names of Chief Kamegeri decided a wrong punishment for a man who had disrespected the king, and in turn the King ordered Chief Kamegeri to be burnt on that rock because chief Kamegeri was unhuman since he was proposing horrible death for other people.


The strory:


Mwami (“King”) Mibambwe Sekarongoro Mutabazi ruled Rwanda almost 400 years ago. He was a fair and just ruler, who demonstrated concern for the poor and needy within his kingdom.
Legend has it that a man was convicted of stealing from the Mwami, who then directed two of his chiefs to devise a suitable punishment for the convicted thief. They saw this as an opportunity to demonstrate to the Mwami that they were tough and innovative, and worthy of special position and honor within the royal court. A chief named Mikoranya proposed torture upon a  wooden shaft protruding from a hut. A chief named Kamegeri proposed that a large flat rock be heated until red-hot and the criminal be spread-eagled upon it.
The Mwami asked the chiefs to demonstrate their ideas, so that he could better understand what they proposed. They eagerly went to work. After continuous bonfires for one week, the large flat rock finally became literally red-hot. The Mwami arrived with his entourage. Nearby, the protruding wooden shaft was also ready. “Is everything ready?” the Mwami inquired of the two chiefs. They nodded with great pride, expecting praise and some yet-to-be determined reward.
The Mwami then called forward his royal guards to whom he had already explained his intentions: “Seize them, and subject them to their own punishments! Kamegeri shall roast upon his rock, and Mikoranya shall suffer his own torture. They are too cruel. There is no place in my kingdom for men capable of such cruelty.”

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