Hotel Rwanda

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Hotel Rwanda is both a movie and a hotel. It is by far the most famous building in Rwanda; though the real name is  Hotel des Mille Collines, better known worldwide as Hotel Rwanda.  The hotel is located in the center of Kigali, complete with a nice bar, pool, restaurants, and conference rooms.  The recently renovated hotel is a popular place to stay now thanks in large part to the movie.
Hotel des Mille Collines is famous for being a shelter for thousands of Tutsis and Hutu sympathizers during the 1994 genocide.  
The hotel manager, Paul Rusesabagina, bribed Hutu militias with money and alcohol until the refugees were able to flee under the safety of the UN and handed over to RPF rebels then fighting to liberate the country from militias. Due to his actions, thousands of Rwandans were saved from certain death. The hotel is famous because of the critically acclaimed film “Hotel Rwanda” starring Don Cheadle.  However, the film was shot in South Africa and the hotel in the movie is not the actual hotel. The films “Shake Hands With the Devil” and “Sometimes In April,” both about the 1994 genocide, shot on location in Rwanda and show the actual Mille Collines.
Mille Collines is French for “A Thousand Hills.”  The hotel derives its name from the common phrase used to describe Rwanda, the “land of a thousand hills” because Rwanda’s entire landscape is tropical mountains. 

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